Tuesday, 17 September 2013


These days it is always who you know and not what you know.

And I am very happy and grateful to know my sister's crazy German boyfriend, who kindly let me and one of my bestests stay in his family's beautiful apartment in Berlin this summer, for all of an 8 euro contribution to pay the cleaner plus flight costs. 

I had never been to Germany, and was expecting the people to be a bit like Lukas, my sister's boyfriend e.g. insane (he takes his ties to the dry cleaners.) 

One thing I did pick up on while we were over there was their extremely clever recycling system. For each plastic bottle or recyclable packaging that you buy or found you earnt a little bit of money back for if you took it to one of their recycling units. Consequently litter was not an issue, as the (very well kept) tramps and homeless people cleared it all up! 

On the way to an open air swimming pool, Lukas took us on a detour around these amazing little allotments which were basically miniature houses with immaculate gardens. 

Beautiful Meg at the Berlin Wall

A hidden nudist lake which we stumbled upon as a hungover blessing in the middle of a forest.

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