Tuesday, 17 September 2013


These days it is always who you know and not what you know.

And I am very happy and grateful to know my sister's crazy German boyfriend, who kindly let me and one of my bestests stay in his family's beautiful apartment in Berlin this summer, for all of an 8 euro contribution to pay the cleaner plus flight costs. 

I had never been to Germany, and was expecting the people to be a bit like Lukas, my sister's boyfriend e.g. insane (he takes his ties to the dry cleaners.) 

One thing I did pick up on while we were over there was their extremely clever recycling system. For each plastic bottle or recyclable packaging that you buy or found you earnt a little bit of money back for if you took it to one of their recycling units. Consequently litter was not an issue, as the (very well kept) tramps and homeless people cleared it all up! 

On the way to an open air swimming pool, Lukas took us on a detour around these amazing little allotments which were basically miniature houses with immaculate gardens. 

Beautiful Meg at the Berlin Wall

A hidden nudist lake which we stumbled upon as a hungover blessing in the middle of a forest.

Monday, 12 August 2013

latitude take 2

something else fun that I have done this summer is my second visit to the Latitude Festival in Suffolk. I first went to Latitude in 2010 with about a million of my friends... and we all stayed in one 4 man tent (BIG MISTAKE) However, this year I went with my friend Aimee of this AMAZING blog http://fashionicing.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/body-music.html?showComment=1376329409765#c4799403033473602445 and we cleverly decided to bring two two-man tents - one for sleeping and one for storage. Music-wise, Bloc Party have to be the highlight of this year, I have adored them for ages and was so excited about seeing them. They did not disappoint. Other amazing acts include disclosure, the maccabees, foals, rudimental, alt-j, jessie ware, james blake and many more. 

camp snooze 

These pictures are all from Latitude 2013 and mainly taken on my disposable but a few are from Aimee's wicked film camera. The pictures below are two of my favorites from Latitude 2010 which I think sum up the festival, especially the bottom one, #rough

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

helping out and running around

A friend of mine, Hannah Oakley, is a self-employed stylist. Last week she asked me to do a few favours for her e.g. picking up clothes and shoes for a shoot from different PR offices, as well as helping with the shoot itself. I've never done anything like this before and although it was tiring and the clothes were heavier than if I was carrying my mum around, I had so much fun. The shoot was for Tom Davies sunglasses and there were 4 briefs to work with. One of these was 'gold' and the model was dusted with gold paint along her cheekbones and collar bones. It was beautiful.
Apologies for the terrible quality, only had my phone.




prom luvin

One fun thing that happened this summer was prom. My last school was an all girls catholic school and our 'prom' was more of a buffet with chairs and music, so I didn't know what to expect from a mixed sixth form, but I had the best time. Even the mad rush of getting ready in 5 minutes was fun. What wasn't fun though was the bra I had. My dress had amazing back detail and I didn't think I was brave enough to go au naturel, so I invested in one of those backless and strapless bras. From trusty M&S. Big flop. Do not recommend. Anyway still had an amazing time and here are some pictures of the day and night.



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